Setup a Mag Box from A to Z

  • For Mag box please follow these steps to Activate "Order".

A- How to order an activation?

  1. First Step Check the back side of your Mag Box to get the Mac-address.
  2.  Second Step Click here to buy the subscription for the MagboxHow to setup the MagBox from a to z
  3. Third Step  type the Mac address in this box and click continueHow to setup the MagBox from a to z
  4. Complete to the last step to make the payment then go to My Services.
  5. click on your order that it should be active then go to IPTV Details to get the Mag portal url.
  6. Now your ready to finalize last steps on your box :).


B- How to setup your box to get it working?

Please follow these steps.

  1. First Step
  2. Second Step
  3. Third Step
  4. Fourth Step
  5. Fifth Step



  • It is saying that my STB is not supported??
    What does that mean???

    Andrea Pena
  • Is the portal different for each box or the same as showing in the image above?

  • I did everything like it is in here and don’t work at all I don’t know what to do


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