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  • BananaTV  Package is the most famous, reliable, Recommended, the only package that works on the famous application "IPTV SMARTERS" on LG, Samsung,... Smart Tv's and with daily channels and movies updates 4K Full HD and 3d video quality of more than 7000+ channels and 8000+ movies ( Recommended for headache free and peace of mind for 4K screen ) 

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    to install our awesome and user friendly app using  GooglePlay Store search for : BananaTV or click here 

    1- Google play store 

    BananaTV application in google play store






    2- How to setup BananaTV on Amazon Fire Stick ?



        1- What you need to do is make sure you are on the top bar on the screen and press right on the remote to scroll across to Settings  then Device then Developer Options and then select Apps from Unknown Sources and turn it to ON.

        2- Once you have done the above its time to get cracking so what you want to do next is press the home button on the remote to go back to the Amazon home screen then press left on the remote to the little magnifier icon next to the word Home and press ok.

    Quick Tip: You can hold the microphone button on the top of your remote and say “Downloader” and it should find the app for you

    Now you want to use the search keyboard to type the word Downloader like below



    Now press ok on the orange downloader app icon and you will then want to press ok where it says download and install and then the app will start downloading and installing and once complete you need to click on open to open the downloader app.



    Once the downloader app has opened you need to type  the following URL into it and then click on go.

    Once it has finished installing press ok to open the BananaTV app then you will see the same screen as this below

    BananaTV login information


    BananaTV Subscription

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    3-  For MagBox or Smart STM app and other emulators please get the box or app Mac Address then go to this link and order it using the Mac Address :

    A- How to order an activation?

    1. First Step Check the back side of your Mag Box to get the Mac-address.
    2.  Second Step Click here to buy the subscription for the MagboxHow to setup the MagBox from a to z
    3. Third Step  type the Mac address in this box and click continueHow to setup the MagBox from a to z
    4. Complete to the last step to make the payment then go to My Services.
    5. click on your order that it should be active then go to IPTV Details to get the Mag portal url.
    6. Now your ready to finalize last steps on your box :).


    B- How to setup your box to get it working?

    Please follow these steps.

    1. First Step
    2. Second Step
    3. Third Step
    4. Fourth Step                     

    for the portal url please use this and not the one in the photo :

    1. Fifth Step






    • BananaTV  Package
    VIP Express Package IPTV Smarters
    VIP Express Package IPTV Smarters
    VIP Express Package IPTV Smarters
    VIP Express Package IPTV Smarters
    VIP Express Package IPTV Smarters
    VIP Express Package IPTV Smarters
    VIP Express Package IPTV Smarters
    VIP Express Package IPTV Smarters
    VIP Express Movies IPTV SMarters Pro

    New Updates on our BananaTV server 11-11-2019 !! Check it out ?